Activities to Go with Books by Nancy Shaw

Reading Skills
Use the rhyme pattern ________ in (or on) a ________ with other animals to build awareness of sounds: cat on a mat, goat in a coat, etc.

Play Hinky Pinky, a game of rhyming an adjective and a noun and giving clues to what the rhyme is. The zanier the better. "What's a bashful insect pest?" "A shy fly." The rhymes can use one-, two-, three-, or even four-syllable words.

The driver sheep makes an obvious mistake in SHEEP IN A JEEP. What mistake do the passengers make? What's the first thing to do when you get in a vehicle? What could the sailor sheep wear to be safer when the ship is in danger?

How many etiquette goofs do the sheep make in SHEEP OUT TO EAT? (Slurping, burping, and spilling, for starters.) Are there special manners to use with company, or in a restaurant? What should a person do after making a mess at the table? Do the sheep have good manners at the end?

In SHEEP OUT TO EAT, SHEEP TRICK OR TREAT and RACCOON TUNE, the characters have appealing and unappealing foods to choose from. What's healthy? What tastes good? Write up your own menu for a restaurant. What are the worst foods to put together? Make up a recipe card for Ew-ewe Stew.

Margot Apple has added to the adventure of SHEEP ON A SHIP by filling the waves with sea creatures. Can you find a shark, a starfish, and an octopus? Is there really such a thing as a bird with blue feet?

In RACCOON TUNE, raccoons raid garbage cans. Find out what raccoons eat in a town, and in the wild.

Outdoor skills
Read SHEEP TAKE A HIKE and walk with a compass to locate north, south, east, and west. You might mark a path by tying strips of cloth around tree branches. If someone gets lost what should the person do? What supplies does a hiker need for a short hike? A long hike?

Take a real menu, or one that you make up, and add up how much it costs to have a meal. If a sheep orders a bowl of cream of clover soup at $3.00, a slice of mixed grain cake at $2.00, and a cup of tea at $1.50, how much will it cost?

Count sheep!